Welcome to Opris.

In a far off land of Takaaris there lays the unventured forests and jungles of Opris; where men are monsters and monsters are more man-like then men, Where beasts beyond common imagination lurk right around the corner; yet untold riches lay right around two, And where covens and cults that once thrived in what seem like ancient rumors and tales lurk in the deepest, darkest, dankest pits of there ancient temples and citadels.

As part of an attempt to fix a recent major economic crisis caused after a group of what are rumored to be a "Mafia cult of werebeast magic users" ran a series of underground transmutation experiments in an attempt to turn mere bread to gold, but foolishly ended up doing the exact opposite and turning the state of Illaria's entire supply of treasury into food items, causing a mass deflation that effected markets across Takaaris, the state of Illaria issued a state of emergency and requested adventurers, wanderers, vagabonds, and officials to explore the nearby areas that were once deemed "Uninhabitable" because of natural threats ranging from tribe-minded savage man-beasts to interplanular overlapping, causing unimaginable fusions of common beasts and otherworldly monstrosities to roam a world that it remains half bound to.

The Orchestra of the Stars